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Low cost – high-tech dimensioning for products and shipment


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Dimensioning reduce logistic costs and protect revenue of shipment

All businesses are operating in a world that demand constant reduce of costs and minimizing use of time in warehouse management, product and shipment handling. This while striving to keep online stock of products with exact data of each item.

Handle a few thousand items per day

This is the reason why dimensioning technology has become so popular in almost all industries. With a dimensioning system your are able to store data from thousands of new items or shipments directly into your WMS.

Why volume or dimensional weight?

Dimensional weight pricing compares actual weight with dimensional weight and uses
whichever is greater as billable weight. The pricing structure allows the freight transporter
to get the most out of the space.


Company profile

Our philosophy is to work with partners and suppliers of proven excellence and bring
to the client a solution of guaranteed performance, within budget and timetable.

Leading with experience

Our team of consultants have has 15 years of broad experience  in logistics and
warehouse business and systems. Along with a few qualified partners who are leading manufacturers and developers of volume systems, we create a strong and experienced
team with one mission..

Offer complete customer-oriented volume scanning solutions

Our keyrole is to provide our clients in  transport and logistic industry with consultation,
systems and maintenance.

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